the RTT programme was transformational for me

To say that meeting Brid and taking on the RTT programme was transformational for me, is a huge understatement. When I first came to Brid I was in a very bad place with my anxiety. Despite years of therapy, I’d lapsed back into bad ways of coping and found it difficult to do basic daily tasks like go to the shops without having a panic attack. Brid provided a space that felt really safe and being as warm and caring as she is professional, I felt I could speak more honestly and openly than I have done before with previous therapists. The RTT programme also allowed us to go so much deeper into my issues and address them in a way that I was finally able to understand and challenge them. Even though the things that came up were hard and painful, I never felt alone in the process and always had Brid’s support if needed. I know I made more progress in our 8 week programme than I have ever done and I am now so grateful to be rid of old, harmful coping strategies and generally in a very good place. I still listen to our RTT programmes as a pick me up or boost if I need to and it’s really reassuring to know that if I had any problems in the future Brid would always be there to guide me through to a much better place.