Hypnotherapy has without any question changed my life.

Hypnotherapy has without any question changed my life. I now have a very solid corner stone of confidence in myself which I believe is the first and most important part of a persons development. This cornerstone will serve me for the rest of my life. Ive been on a personal journey for a while now and hypnotherapy was one of the big pieces of the puzzle for me…… It set off a spiral of upward growth. I’m not saying hypnotherapy is a magic bullet. Personally, I believe its what you do once you believe in yourself that matters. Because……….. You come to realise that you can be anything you wish, do anything you wish. You are the creator of your life once you believe in yourself.
Id also like to say Brid that I thought you were brilliant. The way you work gave me total confidence that nothing more could have been done. I’m very grateful for your help.
Scanlon Rapid transformational therapy east London

I now want hypnotherapy all the time! For everything!!

Recently Brid guided me through my first ever hypnotherapy exercise – Upgrading the Child. We had agreed in a previous session that hypnotherapy would be a productive way for me to move through a particular issue. She gave me detailed information about what the exercise would entail, how long it would take, and helped me to feel comfortable about the process. On the day of the session I felt anxious about proceeding, however, Brid again explained the process step by step, and above all, that I couldn’t possibly get it wrong and that there were no ‘right’ answers.

I am so pleased that I went ahead with it. Brid used a simple, yet effective method to put me into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. She guided me through the exercise gently and skilfully as I engaged with my child self and with other significant players in my journey. Brid held the space well so that I felt safe and able to fully sink into and experience my feelings. There was a portion of the exercise which was used to reinforce a positive relationship with myself which felt incredibly powerful, and when the exercise was brought to closure, I was so moved, and felt so free, that I was unable to speak, and shed many, much needed tears. I left the session feeling light and overwhelmingly good.

I feel so grateful to have been guided through this experience. During the week following the session I realised that I was feeling greater connection with my inner child, much more at peace with myself. I felt that the fractured feeling I had been living with was not as prominent, as if a great and deep alignment had taken place. I cannot recommend Brid’s skill as a therapist highly enough. I would happily recommend Brid to anyone who may benefit from connecting with, and integrating their child self. Having had this experience, I now want hypnotherapy all the time! For everything!!