Positive and radical effects

I am extremely pleased at what a positive and radical effect Brid’s techniques have had on me.  I decided to go for Rapid Transformation Psychotherapy after suffering from anxiety, a lack of confidence, difficulty expressing myself, identity issues, stagnation in my career and other problems for years.  Brid helped me to address many of my childhood issues and guided me in unlearning the negative beliefs that I had internalised as child.  I was anxious initially, but the intensive session where I was in a relaxed state provided a huge release for me and I found it very cathartic.  The personalised recording Brid created, that I listened to every night for 3 weeks, help solidify my new mindset.  I have found myself with a lot more confidence, much less anxiety, I had the belief in myself to push for a better job with more money and I’m just generally more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m so happy and grateful to Brid for helping me.