Scanlon Rapid transformational therapy east London

My sessions with Brid have been brilliant!

Brid is friendly but professional, I felt at ease from very early on. She guided and supported me through-out my time with her and taught me useful/effective techniques to deal with my anxiety. My sessions with Brid have been brilliant! They have helped me accept myself, understand my thoughts and feelings from a different perspective and to accept them and move on. Throughout my sessions with Brid I have grown […]

I saw an immediate impact following the session

I recently had a session with Brid as I had an underlying feeling of not being good enough.  Brid made me feel entirely at ease, and I felt safe during the session. I saw an immediate impact following the session.  My confidence received a boost.  I started a new job and I felt sure and certain of myself during my first week. I asserted myself into the role and didn’t […]

Brid is a natural hypnotherapist/counsellor

Brid is a natural hypnotherapist/counselor, she has a calm soothing voice/presence and enabled me to feel perfectly safe at all times to discuss some very delicate personal issues.  Since my time with her as both a counselor and hypnotherapist, I feel like I have released some deep seated anxiety that I have been holding on for years. The hypnotherapy was an amazing experience and really helped to re-set my thinking, […]