Is this you?

  • Are you successful at work and have a great career but somehow you are still not satisfied and just don’t feel content?
  • Do you feel like no matter how much you achieve it’s still not enough, like the goal posts just keep moving?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re just winging it and at any moment you’re going to be discovered and exposed as a fraud?
  • Do you feel like everyone else has it all sorted but you’re just faking it?
  • You may have already tried talk therapy, spent months trying to make changes and do things differently… but nothing seems to change the way you feel deep down.

You know that you have it in you to change and have made the conscious decision to do something to make that change happen… that in itself is a huge breakthrough which you should feel good about.

The really exciting thing about what I’m going to share with you is that...

You already have all the answers within you, they’re just trapped in your subconscious and not easy to access on your own… but I can help you get there, and without spending months or even years in therapy… sound good?

Just for a moment, imagine feeling calmer, lighter, happier.  Imagine having more confidence and self-belief in who you are and what you do.

Imagine what your life would look like when you are able to be who you want to be, to quiet the self-doubt and confidently move forward in life.

I can help you achieve all of these things and more.               

I can help you get right to the core of what’s been holding you back by using modern, fast and effective techniques in hypnotherapy and specifically Rapid Transformational Therapy.

So now you can decide how you want your future to feel.  Do you want to make the shift that you know will improve your life?  Do you want to avoid months in talk therapy? What if I told you I can help you get results in as little as one session… how would that feel?

Doesn’t it feel exciting to know you can make those changes, and that you could be living your best life sooner than you imagined?

What can you expect?

What MY clients say

Brid helped me through a really difficult time in my life. I feel that without her I wouldn’t feel as strong and positive about my future as I do now. In our sessions she was encouraging and patient. We talked through my problems and how best to address them. I found her techniques really helped me in delving deeper into myself and yet also they helped in how to overcome the issues at hand. She will always be my first 'go-to’ therapist" 


I recently had a session with Brid as I had an underlying feeling of not being good enough.  Brid made me feel entirely at ease, and I felt safe during the session.

I saw an immediate impact following the session.  My confidence received a boost.  I started a new job and I felt sure and certain of myself during my first week. I asserted myself into the role and didn't have any of the hesitancy that I would have previously.

I also started to see links between the challenges in my life and to understand why I struggle with certain things. It's helped me to make sense of some of the confusion I had and I see things more clearly.  I don't feel paralysed by indecision anymore.

I'd like to do another session in a few months and see if I get another "power boost." I would definitely recommend working with Brid.  You will see real benefits" 


Recently Brid guided me through my first ever hypnotherapy exercise – Upgrading the Child. We had agreed in a previous session that hypnotherapy would be a productive way for me to move through a particular issue. She gave me detailed information about what the exercise would entail, how long it would take, and helped me to feel comfortable about the process. On the day of the session I felt anxious about proceeding, however, Brid again explained the process step by step, and above all, that I couldn’t possibly get it wrong and that there were no ‘right’ answers.

I am so pleased that I went ahead with it. Brid used a simple, yet effective method to put me into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. She guided me through the exercise gently and skilfully as I engaged with my child self and with other significant players in my journey. Brid held the space well so that I felt safe and able to fully sink into and experience my feelings. There was a portion of the exercise which was used to reinforce a positive relationship with myself which felt incredibly powerful, and when the exercise was brought to closure, I was so moved, and felt so free, that I was unable to speak, and shed many, much needed tears. I left the session feeling light and overwhelmingly good.

I feel so grateful to have been guided through this experience. During the week following the session I realised that I was feeling greater connection with my inner child, much more at peace with myself. I felt that the fractured feeling I had been living with was not as prominent, as if a great and deep alignment had taken place. I cannot recommend Brid’s skill as a therapist highly enough. I would happily recommend Bríd to anyone who may benefit from connecting with, and integrating their child self. Having had this experience, I now want hypnotherapy all the time! For everything!!


From the moment I met Brid I felt comfortable with her, she is very warm and immediately makes you feel quite relaxed. I have had counselling previously, which I found helpful, but I felt that I progressed more with Brid, she enabled me to empower myself in many different ways and deal with some difficult issues.  Brid was always professional, but incredibly supportive, caring and understanding. We still keep in touch and if I need any counselling in the future I will not hesitate to see Brid again


To say that meeting Brid and taking on the RTT programme was transformational for me, is a huge understatement. When I first came to Brid I was in a very bad place with my anxiety. Despite years of therapy, I’d lapsed back into bad ways of coping and found it difficult to do basic daily tasks like go to the shops without having a panic attack. Brid provided a space that felt really safe and being as warm and caring as she is professional, I felt I could speak more honestly and openly than I have done before with previous therapists. The RTT programme also allowed us to go so much deeper into my issues and address them in a way that I was finally able to understand and challenge them. Even though the things that came up were hard and painful, I never felt alone in the process and always had Brid’s support if needed. I know I made more progress in our 8 week programme than I have ever done and I am now so grateful to be rid of old, harmful coping strategies and generally in a very good place. I still listen to our RTT programmes as a pick me up or boost if I need to and it's really reassuring to know that if I had any problems in the future Brid would always be there to guide me through to a much better place. 

RTT has without any question changed my life. I now have a very solid corner stone of confidence in myself which I beleive is the first and most important part of a persons development. This cornerstone will serve me for the rest of my life. Ive been on a personal journey for a while now and RTT was one of the big pieces of the puzzle for me...... It set off a spiral of upward growth. I'm not saying RTT is a magic bullet. Personally, I beleive its what you do once you beleive in yourself that matters. Because........... You come to realise that you can be anything you wish, do anything you wish. You are the creator of your life once you beleive in yourself.
Id also like to say Brid that I thought you were brilliant. The way you work gave me total confidence that nothing more could have been done. I'm very grateful for your help. 

Brid’s help during an extremely tough period of insomnia was an absolute godsend for me. She was kind and caring, but also extremely focussed on finding a solution to help me get past the problem. I wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand, but for me the RTT sessions were amazingly empowering, helping me to understand the underlying anxieties that had built up over many years and which were now affecting my sleep. I loved having recordings to listen to afterwards, and still go back to them from time to time as a little booster for myself. During this period, Bríd kept in touch to see how I was doing between sessions, and was incredibly generous with her time and expertise – I can’t recommend her and the RTT programme enough.

Brid is a natural hypnotherapist/counselor, she has a calm soothing voice/presence and enabled me to feel perfectly safe at all times to discuss some very delicate personal issues.  Since my time with her as both a counselor and hypnotherapist, I feel like I have released some deep seated anxiety that I have been holding on for years. The hypnotherapy was an amazing experience and really helped to re-set my thinking, especially about situations in my childhood. It is something that over the years I have never really got to the bottom of with talking therapy. I really felt (and still feel, months later) it has had a huge impact on my current life. I feel free knowing I can at last put this to one side and truly live my life knowing I am unique and able to manage anything and everything.

The intensive session I undertook with Brid was a revelation to me. I had been feeling insecure for most of my adult life bit couldn't decipher why. Brid's careful, methodical, and impressive hypnosis techniques helped me to unlock and redefine long-forgotten memories in an emotional but incredibly healing session. The session, coupled with the following three weeks of meditative hypnosis completely changed me for the better. I couldn't recommend Brid highly enough for her professional, skilful, and careful approach.