Scanlon Rapid Transformational therapy east London

The hypnotherapy made a very deep impact on me.

The hypnotherapy made a very deep impact on me. It was not intrusive or invasive in any way. It didn’t feel like anything was being done to me, but rather that Brid was facilitator, giving me the time and space to focus inwards on my own mind in a new way.

It unlocked access to memories I didn’t think I had, but unlike trying to remember the past, it placed me right there. It wasn’t simply remembering how I felt; it was a first-hand tangible feeling, very crisp and clear, unlike the patchy and foggy fragments of my conscious memories. It was a very powerful experience, which left a strong and lasting impression on me; helping me understand my sense of being in the world and where that comes from. 

Scanlon Therapy East London

The RTT sessions were amazingly empowering…

Brid’s help during an extremely tough period of insomnia was an absolute godsend for me. She was kind and caring, but also extremely focussed on finding a solution to help me get past the problem. I wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand, but for me the RTT sessions were amazingly empowering, helping me to understand the underlying anxieties that had built up over many years and which were now affecting my sleep. I loved having recordings to listen to afterwards, and still go back to them from time to time as a little booster for myself. During this period, Brid kept in touch to see how I was doing between sessions, and was incredibly generous with her time and expertise – I can’t recommend her and the RTT programme enough.

Scanlon Therapy East London

The intensive session I undertook with Brid was a revelation to me

The intensive session I undertook with Brid was a revelation to me. I had been feeling insecure for most of my adult life bit couldn’t decipher why. Brid’s careful, methodical, and impressive hypnosis techniques helped me to unlock and redefine long-forgotten memories in an emotional but incredibly healing session. The session, coupled with the following three weeks of meditative hypnosis completely changed me for the better. I couldn’t recommend Brid highly enough for her professional, skilful, and careful approach.